BREITNER – Your specialist for packaging liquids in solid containers

Customized production of filling and closing machines for liquid food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical products, if necessary completed by adapted technical solutions.

Bottle unscramblers from our own production, available in different versions and performance classes, are integrated by us as an expansion stage to a fully automatic line.

Engineering planning and project planning of complete filling lines including packaging line with packaging and handling machines according to (your) preference.

Expert plant installation, commissioning, production support, training and service.

Reliable supply of spare and wear parts to ensure shortest possible downtimes after unforeseeable breakdowns.


The BREITNER bottle unscramblers offer powerful and gentle handling for fully automatic unscrambling, aligning and inserting of plastic bottles of various shapes.

The use of format parts is reduced to a minimum due to the conveying principle. This allows the machines to be changed over quickly and economically. The bottle guidance by conveyor belts ensures gentle and reliable transport even with odd bottle shapes and challenging materials (especially PET).


The BREITNER filling machines are equipped with filling stations. These offer a particularly large dosing range, easy cleaning and very few wearing parts. A large number of control and regulation functions, adapted to your products and your packs, optimise the filling process and ensure that filling is always precise and fast using the dosing methods inductive and mass flow measurement as well as piston dosing and peristaltic pumps.


The BREITNER capping machines work with one station directly on the conveyor belt or with one or more stations with a transport star in a rotary system. They are used for closing packs with press-on and screw caps as well as caps with riser tubes.

The BREITNER capping machines operate intermittently or continuously and are particularly suitable for capping a wide range of pack sizes.

Further information on capping machines by function and capping machines by output can be found here.


Overview capping machines one station several stations
Screw-on servoImprintScrew-on servoSpray gun
intermittent motion capping machineVSB / VS / VSPVC / VCPVTR
continuous linear capping machineVSL / VSLRDVM
continuous rotary capping machineVRESRVSRT

BREITNER – packaging line

Good to know!

BREITNER not only offers individual machines in the areas of bottle unscramblers, filling machines and capping machines.

We also offer complete line solutions which are developed, designed and commissioned exactly to your requirements.

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